Terms of Service

The payment card brands make excerpts of their operating regulations available online, including via:

Each applicable payment card brand's complete operating regulations are incorporated by reference into this agreement and will control with respect to any conflict in terms between this agreement and such regulations. The sub-merchant will not discriminate against Cards or Issuers (e.g., limited acceptance options) except in full compliance with their operating regulations, and will comply with all applicable laws and regulations related to its business operations, PCI- DSS obligations, the use of a payment card brand's marks, and each transaction acquired hereunder. the sub-merchant expressly agrees that it will accept Cards and protect, utilize, or restrict transaction data, including the magnetic stripe and CVV2, in accordance with the terms of this agreement, applicable law or regulation, and the operating regulations, and will cooperate with any audit requested by a payment card brand until such audit is completed.

In addition to complying with each payment card brand's obligations or prohibitions related to acceptance, disbursement, or resubmission of a transaction, the sub-merchant may not submit any illegal, fraudulent, or unauthorized transaction and shall only submit transactions for the sale of its own goods or services, and not any other person or company, and may not receive payment on behalf of or, unless authorized by law, redirect payments to any other party. The sub-merchant covenants that it is not a third-party beneficiary under any agreement with a payment card brand, however, an payment card brand may be a third-party beneficiary of this agreement, and shall have the rights, but not any obligation, necessary to fully enforce the terms of this agreement against the sub-merchant.

The sub-merchant authorizes GiveDirect and its payment acquirer, WorldPay, to conduct checks of the sub-merchant's background or banking information, as necessary, and agrees that all information obtained under this agreement may be shared with a payment card brand. The sub-merchant acknowledges and agrees that it is responsible for its employees’ actions, it will notify GiveDirect of any 3rd party that will have access to cardholder data, and it will immediately report all instances of a data breach to GiveDirect immediately after it reasonably identifies an incident.