Donor's Portal

The Donor's Portal is a web site where one can manage a recurring donation or membership.

Actions a Donor May Take:

  • Update a payment method (Debit/Credit card or Checking Account)
  • Update contact information
  • Stop or restart a recurring donation
  • Change the amount of a recurring donation
  • View transaction history
  • Print a tax statement
  • Manage your username and password

Actions a Donor may NOT do in the Donor's Portal

  • Process a donation or make up a missed recurring payment. (Note: to make up a missed payment, please contact the charity or GiveDirect Customer Service)
  • Set up a new recurring donation.

Charities use GiveDirect to process many types of payments. The words donation, contribution, payment or membership payment may be used interchangeably to indicate any type of transaction processed by GiveDirect.


Edit a Transaction

At the top of the content box you will see your transaction ID, the charity to which you donate, the status of your account (active or stopped) and the three most recent transactions.

From this page you may:

  1. Update your payment method. The options are Credit / Debit or Checking (automatic withdrawal from your bank account).
  2. The cost for processing a check is cheaper than processing a debit/credit card. Additionally, a checking account is more stable for recurring transactions; ie. no expiration date and account numbers change less frequently.

  3. Change the amount or frequency of the payment (monthly, quarterly, or annually).
  4. View your transaction history and print a year-end tax statement.
  5. Your transactions history is accumulated by account. If one account is stopped and a new one started, you will need to view and/or combine the list of transactions to see the most complete history of payments.

  6. Stop the donation or membership payment.
  7. Restart a recurring payment


If you have multiple donations

If you have more than one recurring donation with a charity using GiveDirect and you do not see the other donation(s) listed on the main page, it(they) will need to be linked. By linking the accounts you only need one set of login credentials. Use the Customer Service tab in the blue menu bar to request your accounts be linked.

Also, please note, if you have more than one active donation and you need to update your payment method, you must update each account separately.


How do I update my card number or change my payment method?

Click on the "Update Your Payment Method" button. Another box will drop down for you to enter the new card number or your checking account into.

By default the Checking option is selected but that may be changed by clicking on the "Credit / Debit" button.

When finished with all updates to the payment method, amount and/or frequency, click the "Submit Updates" button at the bottom of the panel.


How do I change the amount of the donation/payment?

From the Initial Edit Page, highlight the existing amount with your cursor and begin typing, or use the up-down arrows at the right of the field. simply Click the blue Submit Updates button when complete.

If you are making your payment via debit or credit card, we suggest you consider switching to Checking (withdrawal from your bank account). Processing fees on checks are considerably lower than debit / credit cards. Also, the Checking method is more stable and requires less frequent updating because account numbers change much less frequently.

Select the "Cover the Fee" option by clicking on the check box below the amount field.

When finished with all updates to the payment method, amount and/or frequency, click the "Submit Updates" button at the bottom of the panel.


How do I change the frequency of the donation/payment?

From the Initial Edit Page, click the down arrow on the right side of the field and select the new frequency (Monthly, Quarterly or Annually)

When changing from Monthly to Quarterly, the payment cycle will be determined by the date when the donation was originally established. For example, if a donation was established in Feb, the quarterly payment cycle will be Feb/May/Aug/Nov. If the change from monthly to quarterly was submitted in March, the next processing date would be May 15th and continue on Aug 15th, Nov 15th and the next Feb 15th, etc.

When changing from Monthly to Annually, the payment cycle will be determined by the month the donation was originally established. For example, if a donation was orgionally established in July, the next processing date will be July next year. If the change to annually was submitted on June 2022, the annual charge will still be processed in July 2022 (even if a contribution was processed in May or June) because of the origination month.

To have the processing cycle of a quarterly or annual donation modified, please contact GiveDirect Customer Service.


How can I make up a missed payment?

If you are updating your payment information during the same month that a donation was missed, then the donation will be automatically re-processed for you.

For example, If GiveDirect tried to process a payment on June 15th and your card was declined, but you update that card information prior to June 30th, then your missed June payment will be automatically re-processed for you.

However, if you do not update the information until July 5th, it will not auto process. The payment can still be made up by calling the charity or GiveDirect. It will not auto process because we do not process more than one payment per month without consent.

If you have multiple payments that you would like to have made up, please call the charity to which you donate or use the GiveDirect Customer Servicde link at the top of the page and ask that missed payments be processed.


How can I make a one-time or special payment?

The Donor's Portal is designed as a tool to manage an existing recurring payment. The Portal is not designed for setting up new recurring payments or for making one-time payments.

If you wish to make a special or one-time payment, please use the donation form on the charity's web site.


How do I stop my donation/membership?

From the Initial Edit Page, simply click on the button for "Stop This Donation / Membership."

The change will go into effect immediately.

Note: Recurring transactions are processed on the 15th of the month. Phone or email requests for cancellation should be submitted not later than the 14th to ensure a timely response to your request.


How do I restart my recurring payment

If you have a transaction that has been stopped, and you would like to re-activate it, simply click the green restart button.

You will be asked to select the frequency of the payment (monthly, quarterly, or annually).

Once the account is again active, you may update the payment information.


How do I change my contact address or email?

From the Initial Edit Page, select "Edit Your Contact Info" button above the blue bar.

If you are on one of the other pages, the edit button will appear in a side menu. Both buttons will take you to the same page where updates may be entered.

Make sure to click "Submit Changes" after editing any information.


How do I view my other donations?

If you have more than one recurring donation or membership, they be displayed consecutively on the Edit page. You can also see the number of transactions annotated in the blue bar.

If you do not see your other donations, your accounts will need to be linked. Linking allows you to access all accounts with a single login. Please use the Customer Service tab in the top menu bar to contact us and request your accounts be linked.


How can I see / print a giving statement?

You may review your giving history by clicking the "View Complete History" on the Initial Edit Page.

On the page that follows, you will notice the Transaction ID in the "Select A Transaction" field as well as the charity name. The charity address and tax ID are listed in the "Supporting" box.

Choose a year to view by using the "Select a year" drop-down box.

If you have more than one recurring payment, select a different transaction/organization using the drop-down field arrow on the right. CLick the "GO" button to populate the screen with the new information.


How do I change my username or password?

From the Initial Edit Page, click the "Edit My Contact info" icon at the top of the page.

On the next page, select "Account Settings." This will take you to the username and password update page.

Enter your changes and click the button for "Submit Changes."


When and how often are recurrings processed?

  • Recurring transactions are processed once a month on the 15th. If the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday, they may be postponed until the next business day. It will generally take a day or two for you to see an approved transaction in your bank or card account statement.
  • Donations will continue to run until they are stopped by you or payment information changes.
  • At this time, there is no way to schedule a termination date. After the last processing date for which you wish to donate, cancel (stop) your contribution as outlined above or by contacting the charity or GiveDirect Customer Service.
  • Transactions are only processed once in a given month unless a donor has requested that a missed payment be made up.
  • The auto-processing cycle will not begin until the month following the origination date.
    For example: If a recurring donation is started on Jan 5th, the next payment will not be auto-processed until Feb 15th. Likewise, if a donation is started on Jan 31st, the next payment will be auto-processed on Feb 15th.
  • If you need a quarterly or annual gift processed in a particular month, submit your request to GiveDirect Customer Service.
    For example: An annual membership payment was established in September 2019. Normally, that payment would not process again until September 2020. However, if you need a membership payment to renew in June, you may call or email GiveDirect to have your payment reassigned so that it processes in June of each year going forward.
    The same would also apply to a quarartly donation that needs to be reassigned to a different processing cycle. Please contact GiveDirect Customer Service.

Other General Information

Auto-cancelled payments -- reasons an account might be stopped

  • A debit/credit card declined for two consecutive months
  • Expired card
  • An eCheck returned for invalid account or routing number

Email notifications

Donor email notifications will be sent when:

  • a transaction is successfully processed
  • a transaction fails to process successfully. (The notification will also include the reason for the failure as identified by the card issuer or bank.)
  • the card on record has expired or will be expiring. Notifications will be sent:
    • 30 days prior to a card expiring
    • the month the card expires
    • the month following the expiration date if not previously updated
  • Confirmation when a donation or membership is stopped

Security and Privacy

How we handle donor's information

A donor's information, including payment method or card numbers, is never shared with any 3rd party individuals or organizations. Only the donor's pertinent donation detail, such as amount, donor's contact information and comments entered by the donor, are shared with the charity to which the gift is made.

GiveDirect does not store credit card numbers - only a token that represents the number - making it impossible for critical information to be stolen.

Secure Data Encryption

Every page on our website has been secured with a digital security certificate. This is shown via the lock in the URL bar of the browser. To view this certificate, click on the image of the lock or the key in your browser window. A small frame displaying site security information will appear.

Protection of Information Being Transmitted

All information collected by GiveDirect, such as name, address and payment method, is securely stored. We take measures to protect the confidentiality and security of your information while it is stored, including:

  • Utilizing firewalls to prevent unauthorized access to the stored information.
  • Housing servers in a highly secure building to provide additional protection against unauthorized access and changes to stored information.
  • Restricting access to stored information to only those employees who are involved in processing transactions.

We use encryption technology to ensure the safe transmission of your information. GiveDirect is PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant.


Have More Questions? Contact Us.